March 3, 2023

Konica Minolta MYIRO 9 Measurement device (formerly FD-9)

Configuring the MYIRO 9 (FD-9)

As of March 2023, the MYIRO-9 requires the Konica Minolta FD-S2w software to operate. Please download this software from Konica Minolta. The functionality of this software is Konica Minolta's responsibility, ChromaChecker has written these guidelines to help users work with this solution to enter measurement data into your ChromaChecker account.  In summary, you will load a chart format file in the FD-S2w software that matches the target that you are printing, and the MYIRO-9 will measure the data and export the measurement file which can be manually uploaded to the desired ChromaChecker track. Once positively tested, you can configure the FD-S2w software to automatically export the measurement file, and set up CC Uploader client software to automatically upload to your desired print track in your ChromaChecker account.  Reference these instructions to automate the process of loading files into ChromaChecker at the end of this entry.  In addition, the MYIRO-9 allows for QR codes to automate the naming of files that CC Uploader can recognize to direct to different print tracks in an automated way.


Launch the FD-52w software and go to the "File" pull-down menu and choose "Open Chart File." Below are screenshots and a brief description of how to set up charts on the FD9 for any control strip. The CC84 control strip is a popular, fast color bar to use because it is small, and can iterate G7 Curves, and assess the salability of the print.

Open the FD9 software and load the needed chart file - CC84 chart or any control strip.



Edit the chart to match the printed sheet size and position on the sheet.
Note: you must have at least 35mm for the gripper leading edge to feed the paper.


Confirm that the target and patch size is correct and matches the printed control strip

In this example, we have an 8.5x11 sheet with the CC84 3 Row Control Strip starting at 35mm from the top of the sheet (Y) and 25mm from the side of the sheet (X). The distance from the top of the sheet has to be equal to or greater than 35 mm for the FD9 to be able to read it.

Edit the chart for your sheet size and x,y coordinates for where it’s on your sheet. Need 35mm to stay in the rollers


FD-9 Software Instructions

KM-Software Download

If you have not received the software you can download the old version of KM FD-S2W software.



By selecting the QR Code function, the chart will add a QR code that will automatically select the chart being scanned. The QR code will properly apply metadata to the name of the file and allow for sorting in Uploader. 





  • This tutorial demonstrates how to configure ChromaChecker Uploader to use ChromaChecker Print Inspector for analysis

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