May 20, 2022

RHT USB Sensor/DataLogger

RHT-USB is an industry-grade Sensor/Datalogger designed to work with CC Capture.
Depending on specific user requirements RHT data can be attached to every single measurement or Datalogger mode can be enabled - in this scenario RHT data are exported frequently to the CC server.
RHT sensors are factory digitally calibrated and do not need recalibration.


CC Capture Installation Procedure

  1. Connect the Sensor unit with the Controller unit. If required dedicated extension cable can be used 
    (up to 10 meters). 
  2. Plug the Controller unit into the USB socket in your Mac or PC. No additional driver installation is required.  
  3. Launch CC Capture ver. 2.2 (or above) 
  4. Setup RHT Sensor Preferences - to enter click the thermometer icon on the bottom 




In order to use the Datalogger feature, a unique serial number has to be registered in Environmental Inspector (visible after sensor connection).

A range for Temperature and Humidity will determine an icon color - green in the range, red - out of range.

CC Uploader Installation Procedure

The connection procedure is very similar to CC Capture - the main difference is CC Uploader can't embed RHT data in every Measurement File (CC Uploader is not editing content of uploaded files - can only change the name)



Sensor Specification 

Sensor performance - Temperature

Parameter Condition Min Typ Max Unit
Resolution      0.1   °C
Resolution      16   bit
Accuracy     +/- 0.1 +/- 1  °C
Range   -40   125 °C
Repeatability     +/- 0.2   °C
Drift     < 0.1   °C/yr



Sensor performance - Relative Humidity

Parameter Condition  Min Typ Max Unit
Resolution      0.1   %RH
Resolution      16   bit
Accuracy 25°C   +/- 2   %RH
Repeatability     +/- 0.1   %RH
Drift typical   < 0.5   %RH/yr
Sluggish     < 0.3    %RH




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